Kundalini Yoga

“Kundalini Yoga is the science to unite the finite with Infinity.” –Yogi Bhajan

My love for Yoga is no longer a secret. As a former ballet dancer, Vinyasa Yoga ,(my favorite gentle flow yoga) when associated to breathing techniques provides me real well-being benefit and mind set … making me feel incredibly zen, as if I was on my little cloud of serenity !!!

But that was before I discovered “Kundalini Yoga” three days ago. At the end of the session I was literally  EUPHORIC !

I felt so good, I had the impression my aura was shining miles around me!!!

What is so special about the magic around this kind of yoga ?


Kundalini yoga, what does it mean?

« Kundalin » is a sankrit word meaning « coiled snaked ».

In early Eastern medicines, it was believed that each individual possessed an innate energy at the base of the spine, the sacrum, and moving up the spine in two lines, a masculine and feminine pole, that intersect in seven points, the seven energy centers, referred to as “chakras”, before reaching the top of the head.

Seven Chakras

Kundalini Yoga purpose is to awaken this « sleeping snake » in our perineum, the raising energy flow would lead to a state of « sublime ecstasy » resulting of a divine connection.

Now everything makes sense! It is therefore a more spiritual yoga.

Its origin would go back to 1000 years before JC, it drew inspiration from writings called « Upanishads » that literally translates into “sitting down to hear the master’s learnings”.

It was a philosophic and spiritual science only. With time, a corporal and physical practice of this learning had been set up.

For thousands of years, Kundalini science was kept hidden and passed on in secret from the master to The worthy disciple. Kundalini was reserved to a certain « elite », whose consciousness level was very open.

It is only in the 70’s that Yogi Bhajan decided to share it with the rest of the world, by traveling to Canada and the US.

Yogi Bhajan witnessed the hippie cultural revolution, and realized that there was a real eagerness from the world to open their consciousness. The use of drugs and LSD was their only mean to attain this illusory state of ecstasy…!

Yogi Bhajan

He started to teach.

This is how Kundalini yoga was born in western countries.

Yogi Bhajan

The practice

Kundalini yoga can be seen as “yoga of awareness”.

Anciently linked to the tantric tradition of North of India, it is a subtle mix of all other forms of Yoga. The practice is less dynamic than other yoga types.

Every class is made of several KRIYA, each Kriya is a complete sequence combining a posture, a pranayama exercice (breathing), a mantra (a phrase that we repeat) and a bandha (a energy lock, by closing a body part).

Kriyas are powerful exercises, which have precise effects on certain functions or organs. They tend to transform old and repetitive patterns, to leave room to new structures in order to help the inner self evolution.

These Kriyas are completed with meditation or relaxation exercises.There is lots of music in the classes. According to Indian philosophy, music stimulates Shakti or the feminine energy.

It is usually, mantras or indian music very inspiring and uplifting!


Benefits of Kundalini yoga

So it’s now pretty clear that the purpose of this spiritual yoga is to stimulate the creative energy asleep in us, and balance our physical, emotional and spiritual level. It is a very deep and powerful tool for our inner development and self-harmonization.

But also, like all yoga types, it helps:

–       soothing the mind

–       increasing flexibility

–       raising our energy and vitality

–       calming the nervous system

–       improving the sleep

–       optimizing breathing

–       Improving blood circulation

–       Balancing the digetsive system

–       Stimulating toxines removal … OUF :-)




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