14 postures for hip opening and emotional detox

The 14 postures you will find here, will help you work on the hip opening. This is where our body stores all the emotions that we forbid ourselves to experience: negative and positive.
By Maitri Baraz
svadhisthana ouverture bassin posture yoga&vedas
The pelvis is the area of the second energy center (Swadhisthana chakra). The related element is water and the planet is the moon. It therefore  influences the management of the body fluids (lymph, glands, tears..) and our emotional states.When we work on the iliacus psoas (which is the link between the spine and pelvis) we “detoxify” this area by evacuating the stagnant and blocked energy, including the emotional memories.
psoas yoga bassin yoga&vedas
The pelvis is also the body part linked to our family and childhood.
On a long term, the practice of these postures can help you solve your relationship with your parents, make you forgive, accept and listen to others sufferings in order to overcome.
During your practice, you might become very emotional for a certain time, meaning that you are cleansing and detoxifying.You have to wait for 24 hours for the body and psyche to integrate the effects of the practice. It is very important to be aware of that and to drink lots of water and take a bath.You can do the whole sequence once a week or integrate some postures in your daily practice. The bija mantra Om Vam (the sound of the second chakra) can be chanted at the beginning of the practice or repeated mentally while doing the postures.


virabhadrasana guerrier yoga&vedas1.VIRABHADRASANA II “Warrior II pose ”

Vira : hero

Bhadra : pretty

– the bent knee is just over the ankle (90°)

– palms down (for a better grounding)

– feet are perpendicular

– both arms are aligned

– press firmly the feet on the ground to bring the energy back to the center of the body.


durgasana déesse ouverture bassin yoga&vedas2.DURGASANA « the goddess pose »

Durga : Divine mother, Goddess

– heels are turned inward, and toes widely spread

– ground yourself physically and energetically

– shoulders are down, arms at 90°

– the weight of the body is in the center, not forward or backward

– long neck

trikonasana triangle ouverture bassin yoga&vedas3.UTTHITA TRIKONASANA « extended triangle pose»

Utthita : extension

Trikona : triangle

– feet are perpendicular to each other

– push firmly on the ground with the back feet

– open the hip, and with every breathing open a bit more

– in this pose, imagine yourself in only two dimensions, flatten yourself to the maximum


parsvakonasana ouverture bassin yoga&vedas4.UTTHITA PARSVAKONASANA «extended side angle pose»

Utthita : extension

Parsva : lateral

Kona : angle

– enter the pose from Trikonasana (Triangle)

– the body weight is not the front foot and hand. The back foot is perpendicular.

– actively push the right knee back with the inner arm

– face is turned upward

– anchor yourself and feel the energy as you firm your inner thighs


viyaghrasana tigre ouverture bassin yoga&vedas5.VYAGHRASANA « Tiger pose »

Vyaghr : tiger that awakens

– dynamic posture : inhale and reach the foot up towards the ceiling, arching your spine and looking at the ceiling. Exhale, bring the knee to forehead. Inhale and repeat.

– open the chest at the inhale , round your back at the exhale.

– as in a table pose, both arms are firmly straight on the floor.

– 12 times left  / 12 times right


usthasana chameau ouverture bassin yoga&vedas6.USHTASANA « camel pose »

Ushta : pose

– Go into the pose by supporting  the lower spine with your hands on the back of your pelvis.

– both thighs are vertical and parallel

– place then your hands on the feet once you have leaned back.

– shoulders and head are relaxed

– to exit, bring your hands, one after the other, to your heart and come up, bringing the elbows forward.


eka pada raja kapotasana pigeon ouverture bassin yoga&vedas

« one-legged king pigeon pose »
Eka : onePada : foot

Raja : king

Kapot : pigeon

Pigeon pose is the king of hip openers!

– enter the pose from Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog)

– hips are squared

– back heel points upward

– Front foot turned towards out depending on the flexibility

– chest is open, shoulders downward

– Press on fingertips to stand as straight as possible


uttanpristhasana lezard posture ouverture bassin yoga&vedas

8.UTTAN PRISTHASANA « lizard pose »

Uttan : forward

Pristh : lizard

– enter the pose from  Urdhva Mukha Svanasana (Downward facing dog)

– hands and front foot are parallel

– Neck is aligned with the back

– back foot is flexed

– if it is possible go down on your bent elbows on the floor


konasana angle posture ouverture bassin yoga&vedas9.UPAVISTHA KONASANA « wide-angle seated forward bend »

Kona : angle

– Gently stretch one leg out at a time to each respective side as wide as possible. Foot are flexed.

– stretch as far forward as possible moving from the hips and leading with the chest, stretching the arms forward, keeping the head aligned with the arms.



IMG_7975web10.“BABY LEG”

– the foot is fixed on the inside of the bent elbow, the knee is held by the other arm.

–  leg chin is as parallel as possible to the floor

–  Shoulders are wide open and parallel to the floor

– gently rock the leg from a side to side

– lean lightly forward during inhale and backward during exhale, while keeping the same position.




mandukasana grenouille posture ouverture bassin yoga&vedas

11.MANDUKASANA « frog pose”

Manduk : frog
– body weight on elbows and knees– ankles on the floor, feet touching if possible– pelvis in front of the knees– don’t arch your back to protect the lower spine by keeping the back muscle tensed

– head is relaxed in order to stretch the spine


12.ARDHA SETU BANDHASANA « half bridge pose »ardha setu bhandasana posture ouverture bassin yoga&vedas

Ardha : half

Setu : bridge

Bandha : contraction, tension

– enter the posture while inhaling from savasana, by bending the knees and bringing pelvis up

– feet and legs are parallel

– knees are bent at 90^

– bring the chin down

– neck is relaxed

– do Mula Bandha (Contraction and closing of the perineum)



ananda ballassent bebe enfant heureux posture ouverture bassin yoga&vedas13.ANANDA BALASANA « Happy baby pose»
Ananda : happiness
Bala : baby– grip the outsides of your feet– arms are straight

– head and neck are on the floor

– knees bent at 90°, legs are open to the maximum

– roll your back  from a side to another like a happy baby :), your back staying on the floor and being massaged, find your balance.

supta baddha konasana papillon posture ouverture bassin yoga&vedas14.SUPTA BADDHA KONASANA« Butterfly pose »

Supta : lying

Baddha : linked

Kona : angle

– your sacrum is completely in contact with the floor, creating a retroversion of the pelvis

– joint feet are as close as possible to perineum, but keeping knees as much as you can  on the floor

– open your thigh a little more with each exhale

– exit the pose slowly bringing your knees together first.

Yoga&Vedas remercie Sarah Brunel pour les photographies des postures utilisées dans cet article.


Source : http://www.ayurveda-consciences.fr/yoga/14-postures-pour-louverture-du-bassin-et-le-detox-emotionnel/

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